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Workforce Development

Building a strong, educated workforce is vital to your success

Cultivating a network of well-trained, reliable workers is essential to driving economic growth and prosperity in the region. And as a business owner, you know all too well how much your success is dependent on your ability to hire and retain a skilled and educated workforce.

It is an ongoing focus here at GRDC to identify innovative solutions that address the unique workforce challenges, trends, and opportunities facing Grafton County businesses.

GRDC works closely with NH’s higher education institutions and local community colleges to promote internship and on-the-job training programs that help foster a skilled and educated workforce. GRDC also works with businesses of all sizes to help address workforce issues by connecting you to the available resources in the state.

If your business is experiencing a workforce challenge, please call us at 603-536-2011 to discuss how GRDC can assist your business in retaining and recruiting a skilled and reliable workforce.

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    to our sponsors!
      NCWEP - Workforce Development

      GRDC is a proud partner and initial incorporator of the North Country Workplace Education Program (NCWEP), a dynamic internship program that provides high school students at Lisbon, ProFile and Littleton High School opportunities to gain hands-on experience with local businesses.

      GRDC's vision is to expand the NCWEP program to other school districts throughout Grafton County to continue to cultivate an educated, skilled workforce that meets the business needs of the county. For more information, please contact Chris Wellington, GRDC CEO at 603-536-2011, [email protected] or Bob Butson, NCWEP Program Director at 603-444-6610

      Grafton County business feature


      “With more than 70 business partners, students have access to exploring a variety of industries and professions. And the students are eager to participate! In 2015, more than 25% of eligible juniors and seniors took advantage of this opportunity.”

      - Bob Butson, NCWEP Program Director