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Small Business Spotlight: GRDC Website Assistance Program

We’re taking a quick break from our monthly Small Business Spotlight to share with you a recent success from Grafton Regional Development Corporation’s new Website Assistance Program.

Last April, in response to the state-wide shutdown, GRDC partnered with New Hampshire Small Business Development Center and two Marketing/Design firms to offer Grafton County small businesses a channel to stay open, though their doors may be physically closed.

We’re happy to share with you not one but two Grafton County Small Businesses, Details Interiors Fashions, and the firm responsible for upgrading their website, Workflō Consulting.



Details Interior Fashions

Littleton, NH 

Karen Matthews, Owner


GRDC:  Karen Matthews is the owner of Details Interior Fashions in Littleton and recently launched a redesigned online experience for www.detailsinteriorfashions.com with support from  GRDC’s new Website Assistance Program.

Karen, congratulations on the new site! We know it was a long time coming. How excited are you to finally have it up?

Karen: Very excited! It was a lot of work, but working with a professional really helped me hone in on what the website’s focus should be, and I think what we came up with is fantastic and will be the perfect channel to showcase my business and work.

GRDC: So, tell us a bit about Details Interior Fashions.

Karen: We’ve been open since 2004. Sewing had always been a passion of mine and a friend, who at the time owned a furniture store, brought me their client’s draperies and asked if I could remake them into cornices. That was really the birth of Details Interior Fashions. My team and I work together with clients to offer custom window treatments, home décor, furniture, and accessories, along with reupholstery and custom sewing services, all supported by an extensive fabric lending library.

GRDC: Really a full-service shop! What made you want to upgrade your website?

Karen: My previous site was quite lovely; however, it was a bit cumbersome to navigate. I wanted my new site to have a clear vision, be concise, and very user-friendly. The Website Assistance Program was too good of an offer to pass up, especially in these challenging times: 0% Interest and deferred loan payments.

GRDC: We’re happy to hear that! The program is designed to directly respond to our locally owned businesses having to close down (or restrict capacity) due to the pandemic. If you have a functioning, accessible website, shutting your doors still keeps the revenue streams flowing. At the same time, it takes work and time to build or upgrade a website. We didn’t want our clients under even more pressure to repay a loan before their site is even in operation.

Karen: And I really enjoyed working with Heidi Pettigrew from Workflō Consulting! I’ve learned from my years as a business owner to recognize when to seek out the experts and get help. Small business owners are resourceful and self-sufficient (we have to be!), but it’s also essential to take advantage of the resources available and let someone help you.

I wanted a more professional and polished site with the proper SEO (search engine optimization). Heidi’s knowledge and skill will lead to more potential clients to my site, which will, in turn, generate more customers.

GRDC: Thanks, Karen! One final question, do you have any advice for other small businesses considering a new website?

Karen: You have seconds to capture the attention of any visitor to your site; you need to make them count. This is an amazing opportunity to build or upgrade your site. The terms are affordable and flexible, and the benefits immeasurable.



Workflō Consulting

Plymouth, NH 

Heidi Pettigrew, Founder


GRDC: Of course, none of this would be possible without the guidance, skill, and expertise of our web developers.

Heidi Pettigrew, founder of Workflō Consulting, had this to say about the program and the Details Interior Fashion project:

“We are proud to have been chosen to work with GRDC and its Website Assistance Loan Program clients. Like Details Interior Fashions, Workflō is also a small business. We understand the competing demands for time and attention small business owners juggle daily … even hourly! When we partner with businesses owners like Karen on website development projects, we strive to provide support where it’s most needed—strategy development, writing content, creating graphics and optimizing images, search engine optimization, or other areas. In this case, it was all of the above! The new Details online experience makes it easier for visitors to learn about available products and services, explore the project gallery, connect via social media, stay updated about news and events, and inquire about potential projects.”


Details Interior Fashions is open Monday through Friday from 10 am to 5 pm or online 24/7 at www.detailsinteriorfashions.com.

Workflō Consulting provides strategic marketing and communications support, including website design and maintenance, for entrepreneurs, small- to medium-sized businesses, and non-profits. Reach out to them at https://workflonh.com and see how they can help elevate your business!


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